Commercial Storage for Your Business: The Manufacturing Industry


Looking for storage solutions for your business but don’t know where to start? How do you know which system will suit your products and storage space the best? You need efficient but cost effective systems to maximise profitability. User-friendly, safe and environmentally sensitive solutions are available, you just need to do a little research to find a company that can supply the perfect solution for your business.

Examples of heavy-duty industrial storage solutions

  • selective or wide aisle pallet racking
  • selective powered mobile
  • double deep pallet racking
  • drive in pallet racking
  • pushback storage systems
  • flow through or live storage
  • high back racking
  • narrow aisle pallet racking
  • cantilever racking
  • raised storage
  • tyre storage
  • Novaspan mobile storage

Examples of commercial and light industrial storage solutions

  • Novaspan longspan shelving
  • Novaspan mobile storage
  • Duoguard Z series shelving
  • Zincguard Z series shelving
  • Ulti Z series shelving
  • Works Z series shelving
  • Skytrack mobile shelving
  • Workbenches

Many solutions are available for retail, educational and institutional storage needs from fixed shelving to mobile units. Trolleys and space saving units all have their multiple uses too. If your business requires storage for food, or health and hygiene products there are many systems that can be custom designed for individual needs.

Novalok is a New Zealand company specialising in supplying sterile storage solutions such as the Novex range. With many products having a lifetime guarantee, you can be assured of quality and great customer service.

What about storage solutions for cool rooms and freezer storage as well as general food storage?

Consider: duoguard, zincguard, stainless steel, skytrack, plastlok, Novatruss wire shelving or mass flow shelving. As well as shelving there is a huge range of storage bins, trolleys and preparation tables available to suit your business requirements.

Have you heard about the Modula Lift Carousel Version 7?

The Modula Lift is a fully automated storage solution that maximises your storage space by utilising the available height within your storage area. Imagine 840m2 of vertical storage space on just a 14m2 footprint! Low energy consumption allows you to automate your storage without having a huge environmental impact. You can save money by not having to lease or buy large storage facilities. The systems are easy to use, with user friendly control panels and integrated software.

The storage systems you choose should suit your business needs perfectly to make it easier to run. Cost effectiveness and efficiency are the keys to your success, so take the time to explore all the options available. With so much choice it would be wise to seek the advice of an experienced company that can source, supply and install a wide range of products. With experience comes knowledge and the ability to assess your needs and supply the ideal solution to increase your profitability.

Novalok has a wide range of storage technology and shelving systems for every business. Novalok has depots in Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton in New Zealand but can ship worldwide. Visit to view their extensive range of industrial racking and shelving design and cantilever shelves. Novalok can supply and install a wide range of pallet racking in Wellington and throughout New Zealand. Contact them today for a consultation and quote for your business needs.


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