Hospitality Shelving


Food storage is an important aspect of the hospitality industry. A lot of time and effort goes into organising a restaurant or cafe and it can be a huge waste of both food and money spent if it is not stored right. There are a number of options when it comes to commercial shelves that can help you make the best of every item in your coolrooms and freezers.

What kind of racks are best used in cold or freezer storage?

Not every rack you buy as commercial storage can be used in a cold or freezer store in New Zealand. There are racks and shelves that are specifically made to be used in low temperature conditions. Materials tend to behave in a certain way when exposed to cold temperatures of below zero degrees over many weeks or months. Any type of rack that you set up, be it a single shelf set or a large multiple rack walk-in freezer, should ideally be only placed once and be in perfect working order for as long as it is required.

You do not want to be replacing broken, warped or otherwise weakened commercial storage shelves. They are bound to handle a lot of weight and are typically run at capacity storage, so weight and durability is an issue that should not be overlooked under any circumstances.

Setting up a restaurant: a case study

Consider a restaurant that you wish to open in a large city like Auckland. You need the front of house for the customers to have a particular ambience, with the tables, lighting and even music set up in a certain way. The next thing to consider will be the food and the kitchen set up, for you can have the fanciest restaurant in town but if the food is not up to par, you are sure to lose customers. Food storage is a priority, even if you want to serve only food made from fresh ingredients in all your dishes, you will still need a good freezer facility.

It is important that your storage system is properly made and maintained so that your business can flourish. Commercial shelves for freezer and cold room storage are one of your main returns on investment. A good storage solution will ensure that your shelves and racks are built, spaced and installed in a way that makes it simple to maintain as well as use day to day.

As far as freezer storage in New Zealand is concerned, it goes without saying that Novalok is one of the best commercial storage providers on the market. With over 25 years of experience in putting racks and industrial storage shelving in freezers and walk-ins, we have built up a reputation for being uncompromising in quality while maximising the available space.

Visit the Novalok website at to learn more about the popular brands, specifications and other technical details of our commercial and industrial racking systems.


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