Retail Storage Solutions


Storage is something that every business always needs and should be treated as a priority, particularly in the retail industry. Setting up a retail business involves a great deal of storage. Retail shelving needs to be practical, durable and also attractive as your customers will see it when they look at your products on the shelves.

As much a store needs a good product to sell and an even better location to sell it from, it also needs shelves to hold and dispense the items. You also need enough warehouse storage to store your stock so that you have enough product on hand to supply the demand from your customers.

There are three things to take into consideration when setting up retail shelving:

  • Where the shelves are placed – position
  • How your products are organised – placement
  • The way in which one product flows to the next – pattern

Putting items on retail store racks is a lot more than simple arrangement. There is a specific science to the whole set up of a shop. There are even specific guidelines available so you know how much space is allocated to each item in the store. This all comes down to maximising space and making your store look its best. If your warehouse or back room supplies are attached to the store itself, you will have to find a balance in item allocation.

How will good retail shelving benefit your business?

Facing is a concept that has caught on in recent times. Studies have shown that people are likely to buy more when they can see a lot of a particular product. How does this work? Shelves that appear full are attractive to look at. It is customary for new stock to get added to the back of the shelf and to pull all the items to the front, giving the illlusion that the shelf is full. It is a simple, yet effective tactic. The rest of the product can be kept ready to bring out at any time from warehouse storage.

Steps involved in setting up a retail outlet: a case study

Take for example you want to set up a wine store. How will you go about the basic racking and shelving process? Getting a bunch of retail wine display racks is the first step. You will have to allocate store space and shelf space. While you are likely to have a well organised front office and store, not much attention is given to the back room.

Warehouse storage can mean the difference between an efficient business and losing customers. You cannot have all your products placed on your shelves, there has to be a balance between how much will be left in the back room and how much you will have in your store.

The main aim of your business is profit and stocking is all about maximising your potential profit. If you have all of your product on the shelf, you can visualize the rate at which a fast selling item runs out and this is why it makes sense to have stock ready and waiting to replace what gets sold.

Buying large quantities at a time will also reduce your outlay costs and if you have a well-organised warehouse rack storage system in place, you are sure to make the most of fast sales. For a wine store, that can be at holiday times as well as weekends or at any time when celebrations are in order, like after a successful rugby or cricket game.

Retail shelving design in New Zealand

If you are about to set up a retail outlet, anything from a pharmacy to a grocery store, you need to tap into the benefits of proper shelving. Who better to do it for you than the experts at Novalok who have spent years fine-tuning their craft and offer racking systems for both your storefront and your warehouse. Novalok covers the Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin areas of New Zealand. Contact us via our website at to learn more about the types of warehouse rack storage, shelving and other storage options available.


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