The Most Important Health and Safety Requirements for a Warehouse

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When it comes to designing and choosing warehouse shelving in New  Zealand, safety should be the topmost priority of a business owner. Well-utilised storage equipment is essential in creating a safer work environment, and it also reduces workplace injuries. Here are the most important health and safety requirements for a warehouse that should be considered.

1. Safety equipment should be used at all times

In a warehouse, it’s important that the hydraulic dollies or forklifts are utilised to lift items that are very heavy. For this, appropriate eyewear and hard hats should be worn by employees whenever it’s required. Employees should also be familiar with the emergency exits and the sprinklers installed in the roof shouldn’t ever be blocked.

2. Be careful when buying used racks

Although buying used pallet racking is definitely more affordable than buying a new one, extra precautions should be taken when evaluating the quality of the used storage.

When buying used rack, look for signs indicating that it has been repaired before – this can be any evidence of welding, or an area that looks like it has been repainted. Be very careful as there isn’t any way to determine if the person who repaired the rack is qualified, or if the rack is still in good condition. That said, buy used rack only when it looks like it’s still in its prime condition and there aren’t any signs of welding, dents, rusts, nor bends.

3. Designing for inventory

When selecting storage for a warehouse, the shape, size, and weight of the items to be stored are some of the important things that would determine the style of racking that’s ideal for it. Pallet racking in New Zealand can accommodate the proper object size, as well as the weight to capacity. This can reduce the incidences of falling items, and injuries related to overloading.

Aside from that, the loads on the racks must be stacked evenly to ensure that the weight capacity is distributed properly. It’s also important to note that the spacing between the items on the racks can have an impact on the stability of the storage.

4. Choosing a provider

The first step when it comes to choosing storage safety is to look for an experienced and reputable provider. Select a company that can assist you not only with the warehouse design, but installation as well. Keep in mind that you’re placing your trust and employee safety in the hands of this company.

5. Offer training and refresher courses

See to it that all staff are well educated and have the knowledge needed to ensure that they can stay safe in the workplace at all times. Accidents usually occur when corners are cut in an attempt to maximise time. Refrain from doing this.

Final words

Taking necessary precautions when planning warehouse storage should ensure a safe warehouse environment. Novalok is one of the best companies that you can rely on when it comes to your warehouse rack storage needs. They regularly assess pallet racking in Wellington to ensure that it’s in proper condition and there aren’t any threats to its structural integrity. To know more about what they have to offer, visit


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